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Lucas DoyleWritten by Lucas Doyle, a robotics engineer who does a lot of web development in San Francisco.

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  • Github
    2010 - onwards
    Find a lot of the latest and greatest things I’m working on over at Github.
  • Stoolbotics
    A beginner friendly, minimalistic and open source robot arm simulator I wrote in python for a robotics class back in 2012. Stoolbotics is designed to be a general purpose arm and kinematics simulator...
  • Big List of Robots
    Big List of Robots
    1999 - 2012
    Robots I’ve been involved with, unless otherwise mentioned on this site such as the battlebot, FIRST, etc. IED Border Patrol Robot...
  • Boeing Robotic Wingbox
    Boeing Robotic Wingbox
    A robot that performs maintenance from inside an aircraft wing. Developed as part of my Boeing sponsored capstone project. Our team was specify tasked to develop a simulation and control system for...
  • Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    2009 - 2012
    Since 2009 I have worked at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics on prototyping X-ray optics Dr. Suzanne Romaine and Ric Bruni. There I’ve helped designed hardware and wrote all of the...
  • DaBuzz
    Applying natural language processing and scraping financial news sources to gauge public sentiment of the stock market. The modern day investor has tools such as MSN Money, Yahoo Finance and Google...
  • Awesome Backup System
    Awesome Backup System
    Cross platform and bandwidth efficient file backups. The Awesome Backup System (ABS) is a cross platform file backup solution. It consists of a server and native clients for OS X, Windows and Linux...
  • Super_robert / Anystats
    Super_robert / Anystats

    Tools for Anybots that statistically monitor and compute information about fleets of robots.

  • The Battlebot
    The Battlebot
    Concept for a combat robot I designed. This was a design I came up with for a now-defunct Battlebots Club that used to be at RPI. It ultimately failed due to lack of funding and participation, but it...
  • Stonelinks
    Grandaddy of the website you’re looking at. “Stonelinks” is a name I use for myself all over the internet and of course the name of this website. In one form or another, Stonelinks the website has...
  • FIRST Robotics
    FIRST Robotics
    Robots I helped design as part of Team 1831. I had the great fortune of participating and captaining FIRST robotics team 1831 throughout my time at Gilford High...
  • Mindshare
    A forum I used to run for sharing ideas. Has nothing to do with corgis. Mindshare was an idea I had awhile back as a means of sharing and recording ideas with friends. Oftentimes I find that some...