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  • Leaflet Google Maps

    Ever wanted to use google imagery inside of a leaflet map? This is just a small example of a google maps imagery / base layers hosted inside of a leaflet map. Check out where the magic happens on github: here.

  • Neural Network Bug Generator
    Neural Network Bug Generator
    Ever wanted to piss off your team by generating plausible (but fake) sounding bug reports? Then look no further! This guide will walk you through exporting all your bugs from JIRA and using
  • Google I/O 2015 Summary
    Google I/O 2015 Summary
    I had the opportunity to go to Google I/O last week. Overall not a ton of new announcements, 80% of everything was Android related and it was incredibly crowded. That being said, the Google X and ATAP...
  • Laser Altimeter Integration on Pixhawk
    Laser Altimeter Integration on Pixhawk
    As some of you may know, I have left Tokyo and the world of industrial robotics and am now in the midst of immersing myself in the world of drones in San Francisco. Its a very exciting time in my life...
  • New WebGL Projects

    I’ve been working on some new WebGL related projects for a 3d viewer and editor that targets robotics applications.

  • SSH Periodic Screenshot
    I came up with this fairly scary bash one liner that will periodically ssh into a machine that you have access to, take a screenshot and copy it back to your machine. Just fill in the USER and HOST...
  • FCC ECFS Comment Dataset

    Update (9-18-2014): Turns out the FCC just ended up releasing all the data in bluk and other people have already cleaned it up and are doing cool things with it.

  • Mt. Major Drone Flight
    Mt. Major Drone Flight
    A month ago my friend Rhys and I hiked up Mt. Major with my plane and his gopro and managed to get a pretty decent flight recording from the summit!
  • Jekyll i18n
    07/31/2014 As the friendly neighborhood web developer at MUJIN, one of my responsibilities is...
  • Butt Soup
    Buttsoup is a silly little text to speech web chat thing I made a few months ago. It allowed me to familiarize myself with a few technologies I’d been...
  • Stonelinks Refresh
    Stonelinks has been around since 2008. It is six years old as of this writing. I feel like that is a long time in internet years. It seems like a long time in real world years – I started it when I...
  • 2013 IREX Binpicking Survey
    2013 IREX Binpicking Survey
    Back in November I had the chance to take a survey of all the different binpicking systems at the International Robotics Exhibition (IREX) in Tokyo, Japan.
    New Resume
    Update 07-07-2013: I’ve come up with an even newer iteration of my resume, see it here and the actual code that powers it on github
    How I do Word Processing
    04/29/2012 A few months ago I came up with a quick and dirty way to write text documents. I’m calling it
  • New Drone
    New Drone
    Good news and bad news! The good news is that in the last month or so at RPI, my friend Drew and I were able to cobble together some electronics with my airplane and squeeze in some successful...
  • First Contribution to Open Source Software
    Up until now, all my contributions to open source have been programs I have written, and as a general practice I like to make all my work open source if I can. However, its a nice feeling to have...
  • Sudoku Solver
    I got really bored over the holidays and wrote a very naive sudoku solver in C++. Check out this gist to see it!
  • Binocular Face Tracking
    The code needs a little more polish before I’m happy releasing it, but here is a demo video of the latest incarnation of the 'bot doing some binocular face detection and tracking. For added fun (and...
  • Face Tracking with Stonebot
    I finally have it working! Very excited as I write this. So glad spring break exists otherwise I’d never have the time for this. Long story short, I have face detection working on my personal robot...
  • Execute, Time and Plot C++ Programs with Python
    Execute, Time and Plot C++ Programs with Python
    Hate excel? Why not have python take all the pain away! This should appeal to everyone out there who needs a quick way to analyze the runtime time of a bunch of commands to a program given an...
  • Rudimentary Gmail-based Print Server
    01/25/2011 Another example of python being super useful. I found myself today with a need to network a...
  • A More Accurate Coordinate System
    RPI health and safety inspections did not take kindly to my door mounted Robo-Schwarzenegger. Apparently I’m not breaking any rules with an...
  • Electromagnets, How do They Work?
    Electromagnets, How do They Work?
    Home for the break! My brother asked me for help making a small electromagnet to bring into Boy Scouts for electricity merit badge. I of course jumped at the opportunity, and asked what kind of power...
  • Stonelinks Hosted at my House
    Looks like the kinks of my new two-server setup are not ironed out. I just got home from RPI and the old Dell is...
  • Dr. Serverlove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the RAID
    Dr. Serverlove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the RAID
    I recently completed some much needed upgrades to the servers (hardware and software) that run Stonelinks. This has me very excited and has been a long time in the works! Warning: long and somewhat...
  • Harvard Documentation is Done
    Suzanne has told me to stop working on the current iteration of the documentation as I had been writing it for an audience unacquainted with my work, not for her and my coworker. I have provided her...
  • Latex is Fun
    I’m using the documentation I’m writing for work at the Harvard-Smithsonain Center for Astrophysics as an excuse to learn LaTeX. For those in my generation who have grown up with MS Office or
  • LabVIEW Custom Documentation Formats
    LabVIEW is a necessary and constant evil with my work at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, but sometimes it pulls through. Earlier today I found myself with a need to extract a whole...
  • Door Mounted Robo Schwarzenegger
    Door Mounted Robo Schwarzenegger
    I don’t get to fool around with my own projects nearly as much as I would like, but this weekend I did devote a few hours to finishing up a robotic internet controlled camera on our apartment door...
  • Windows Based Webcam Control Software
    Windows Based Webcam Control Software
    I love nothing more in life than creating and tinkering with the stuff around me. Over the years, this love has taken many different forms. It started out somewhere in elementary school with Legos and...