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Grandaddy of the website you’re looking at.

“Stonelinks” is a name I use for myself all over the internet and of course the name of this website. In one form or another, Stonelinks the website has been online since late 2008 when I decided to figure out how the internet / websites work (a task which is still ongoing… I’ll report back).

Since 2008, Stonelinks has gone through many incarnations. It started out life hosted out of my dorm room on a window’s machine as an ugly hodge-podge of PHP and dreamweaver garbage. For a long time after that, it ran on wordpress.

At some point I decided that since Stonelinks is fundamentally static content (and because I had just learned how to program), I decided to write a static site generator back in 2012. You can still see it up on github here. This worked pretty well for my needs up until 2014.

After a year and a half at MUJIN learning how to be a serious front-end developer, I decided to transition Stonelinks to a more modern 3rd party static generator called wintersmith built on top of nodejs. The switch made sense because wintersmith was fast, feature complete, simple and well tested. In addition, it also fit in nicely with the development tool’s I’ve come to rely on in my professional life at the time (grunt, npm, bower, etc.). It also supports a bunch of simple plugins to do things like tagging, livereloading and whatnot.

In 2016 I gave Stonelinks yet another refresh, this time preferring to work in react with gatsby.


Check out the code for Stonelinks on github

Lucas DoyleWritten by Lucas Doyle