737 Hyde Street Apt. 302

San Francisco, CA 94109




Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA

2014 - Present

Responsible for leading development of two highly leveraged products for our enterprise users:

  • The Airware Cloud Frontend implements all workflows and UI for job creation, data processing and analysis of the imagery, data products and geospatial data that our cloud has to handle for our customers
  • The Aircraft Configuration Manager, a desktop application built with web technologies designed for novices to provision, configure and update any aircraft to fly with Airware's autopilot and avionics hardware

Fully engaged in agile methodology and engineering leadership. Work closely with non-engineering teams including Product, Quality, Design and Documentation.


Software Engineer

Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

2012 - 2014

Fourth employee of a Japanese industrial robotics startup. Created the web interface for a large-scale industrial robotics platform used by clients such as Canon, Honda, and a half-dozen other Japanese companies.

  • Conceptualized and implemented workflows for users to program and optimize industrial robots
  • Wrote complex frontend code, including all customer facing UI, a real-time environment state streamer, a scenegraph-based WebGL viewer and more
  • Created infrastructure tools to rapidly develop / build / deploy a large scale Backbone app
  • Designed, developed and supported major features on an extremely tight schedule with a small team
  • Honed communication skills by working with a highly international team and living in Japan

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Automations Programmer / Engineer

Cambridge, MA

2009 - 2012

Designed, constructed and programmed an experimental X-ray optic production facility.

  • Wrote software to simplify fabrication of X-ray optics in multiple production scenarios
  • Designed sample manipulation hardware and high strength vacuum chamber mount using CAD
  • Saved time and lowered costs by developing more efficient shutter controller used on all chambers
  • Worked closely with physicists, component vendors, machinists, etc. to fulfill requirements
  • Supervised a high school student to characterize optic substrates with a high precision 3D profilemeter

Anybots Inc.

Robotics Intern

Mountain View, CA


Authored tools to statistically track, analyze and prioritize events from thousands of logs for a fleet of >130 telepresence robots. Cross referenced events with customer information and known bugs to preemptively dispatch engineering and support teams.

Implemented forehead touchscreen UI to display internal robot device status / connectivity, as well as a call screen to allow users to answer or deny calls made to their robot.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Troy, NY

2008 - 2012

B.S., Computer and Systems Engineering

Gilford High School

Gilford, NH

2004 - 2008

Projects and Open Source

Boeing Robotic Wingbox

Team Leader and Lead Programmer

Troy, NY


  • Led a team of students to design a simulator for an intra-wing robot to operate inside an aircraft
  • Worked with Boeing to fulfill requirements for assembly and maintenance roles of operation
  • Implemented robot client / server to distribute computation effectively and allow collaborative robot use
  • Created joystick controls and 3D interface to enable easy user / robot interaction
  • Wrote concurrent server in C++ to control robot hardware, recognize object locations with OpenCV, plan trajectories to avoid collisions

DaBuzz Market Sentiment Analyzer

Team Member

Troy, NY


  • Designed and implemented web crawler / scraper to analyze financial news sources and gauge market sentiment
  • Assisted in implementation / training of classifier using Python Natural Language Toolkit
  • Gave presentations and poster sessions to the RPI Community about DaBuzz and the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software


Software Development

Javascript, Python, C++, MATLAB, LabVIEW. Seasoned Linux user. Familiar with industry standard development tools, e.g. version control and design patterns. Concerned with best practices (DRY, etc.). Effective technical writing and documentation skills.

Web Technologies

Strong web development experience, particularly on frontend but comfortable with the full stack. Host own website Amazon EC2/aws. Very seasoned Javascript developer, both on frontend and backend with Node. Familiar with CSS3/HTML5, Marionette/Backbone, React/Redux, Django, Flask, Wordpress core, various Google APIs. Proficient with relational and non-relational databases.

Computer Aided Design

Experience with Solidworks. Virtually designed and/or simulated multiple FIRST robots, a Battlebot and vacuum chambers at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Embedded Control

Authored control software for autonomous and semi-autonomous boats, blimps, cars and robots. Programmed for multiple microcontrollers (Intel 8051, Arduino, ARM). Regularly build own servers and computers.