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Windows Prebuilt

Stoolbotics comes in a pre-packaged, portable build for Windows:

Windows Prebuilt

Simply unzip and run stoolbotics.bat, and you should be up and running!

From Source (all platforms)

If you’re feeling more adventurous, or want to develop Stoolbotics, you can run the simulator through python from the command prompt. You will need to install a few dependencies though:

  • Python (2.7 works best)
  • Numpy
  • PyOpenGL
  • (optionally) the python imaging library (PIL)
    • If you choose not to install PIL, the only functionality that will be effected is the ability to take screenshots from within the simulator.

Once the above is installed, make a clone of our repository by running git clone, then just run sh to fire up the simulator. Any time you wish to update, just run git pull from inside the repository.

Lucas DoyleWritten by Lucas Doyle