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Stonelinks has been around since 2008. It is six years old as of this writing. I feel like that is a long time in internet years. It seems like a long time in real world years – I started it when I was 18 and just turned 24 a few weeks ago.

When I started Stonelinks I was curious how the internet and websites in general worked (more about Stonelinks’ history here). As most of the old posts here demonstrate, I was ignorant about everything. But slowly I built up my knowledge from scratch. Six years later, I’m the lead web developer at MUJIN. I’m responsible for creating the web interface for our flagship industrial robotics programming platform. Over the years my understanding and relationship with the internet and the technologies that surround it couldn’t be any more different than it was six years ago.

During that time Stonelinks has sat around in various states of neglect and disrepair. In particular, I haven’t written anything in this blog in almost two years! So many things have changed since then. I graduated college, got a job and moved to Japan for pete’s sake (酒?). Even if nobody reads this blog, I don’t feel good about that. Something must change!

Enter the reincarnated Stonelinks (which you’re looking at right now). I’ve spent a bunch of time over the past month making it awesome. Over the coming weeks I’m going to be releasing some old blog entries and writing more in the future. Some of it may get backdated, but that is okay. From the ashes of neglect and disrepair the new Stonelinks will rise!

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