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New WebGL Projects


I’ve been working on some new WebGL related projects for a 3d viewer and editor that targets robotics applications.

My three.js fork

All these projects are built on top of three.js. My fork added kinematics support to the collada loader. Check it out!


This is a library that wraps three.js components for Marionette. Provides a comfortable, event driven interface that abstracts away a lot of three.js things in an MVC friendly way. For example, a Drawable is a Backbone.Model instance that maintains its own three.js scenegraph node. Pass a Backbone.Collection of drawable models to a three.jsRenderer view and you’re off to the races! The library also includes support for controls and loading different types of meshes inside Drawable instances. Check out an example here and code for it here.


This is a small heroku app that explores collaborative editing of a 3D environment. It incorporates the previous two projects plus my fork of Backbone.IO (which I forked and added 1.0 support).

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